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What’s brewing in 2020 for coffee lovers?

If you thought 2019 was the year for coffee, 2020 is yet to surprise you. This year, we are starting to see the rebirth of past trends, while new developments are piquing the interest of coffee enthusiasts.

So – what’s in store for the year ahead?

Non-dairy milk

South African consumers typically enjoy their coffee with milk, making cappuccino and lattes firm favourites amongst coffee lovers. With that being said, we foresee that the popularity of Banting, plant based diets and healthy eating plans will continue to gain traction in 2020, making milk alternative beverages more popular than ever before.

Although almond milk dominated the non-dairy space in 2019, it is clear that 2020 will see coconut, rice, macadamia, cashew, hazelnut and oat milk options take their place at coffee spots nationwide.

Black Coffee

While majority of the population opt to drink their coffee with milk, we are noticing a steady rise in black coffee. People are also starting to get to know and understand coffee and so consumers are expanding their knowledge about flavour profiles and coffee origins, helping them to determine the taste they want to get from their cup of coffee.

Furthermore, coffee enthusiasts are exploring alternative brewing methods and are starting to truly appreciate the glorious taste of coffee in its purest form.

Iced Coffee

This popular beverage is making a comeback in 2020! In the past, iced coffee drinks were geared at a younger audience and were packed with sugars. The fad was also less focussed on the coffee aspect and more on the combination of coffee with flavours such as caramel or hazelnut.

Fast forward to 2020, the popularity of unsweetened iced coffee varieties is expected to explode. Globally, the cold brew method is turning into a mainstream hit because of its various serving options and its smooth profile.

brewing in 2020

Appearance is everything

Social media plays a big part in the visual representation of beverages and so South African’s have become more aware of the way in which they want to receive their coffee. One of the baristas key skills is the ability to create latte art. The scope for creativity has become more evident with the rise of barista competitions and overall presentation is playing a big part in the judging process.

Developing a good coffee is as much about the taste as it is about the beautiful art and the glass or mug it’s presented in. Making a coffee that not only hits the spot but, that looks good, makes it a memorable experience, worth coming back for more (and photographing for social sharing)!

South Africans are expecting higher standards from their coffee and so it is important for coffee experts to work together to help respond to the evolving tastes and demands of consumers in a sustainable way.

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