Celebrating International Coffee Day

by | Oct 1, 2015

Today we celebrate International Coffee Day and in the spirit of this –  we’ve been thinking – What does coffee mean to you? When we asked around our office, everyone had a different answer.

For the woman on the run, it’s the quintessential pick me up that keeps her going. For the mom who got no sleep last night, it’s those 10 minutes in the morning as she puts her makeup on and savours every last drop, enjoying 5 minutes of peace and quiet.

It’s that first cup of the morning, and the last cup of the evening. The excuse for a piece of chocolate cake, or that pastry you’ve been eyeing.

Shaky hands on a first date ordering your cappuccino so you have something to sip. An after-lunch finale or the espresso to keep you awake after a night of rushing to finish your big presentation. It’s the ice breaker at a first meeting. The interview starter. A lazy latte on  a rainy winter’s afternoon while you watch the droplets on the window and read your favourite book.

International Coffee DayCoffee has become the universal language which we speak. That first taste of your favourite blend and the pure joy it evokes.  Be it your Monday morning kick-start, or your end of the day nightcap, we at Avanti Coffee make one promise to you. It’s a promise we make to our clients every day – amazing coffee delivered every time.

In the spirit of delivery, and to celebrate today, we paid an early-morning visit to Randburg Police Station and surprised all one hundred and twenty staff on duty with a cup each of Avanti’s freshly-made finest local coffee blend. With International Coffee Day marking the global appreciation of the world’s favourite bean, Avanti thought it the perfect opportunity to give back to the local police force, all of whom work tirelessly to keep our community safe.

So go grab a cup of your favourite. And if it doesn’t make you smile – call us. We promise we will.

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