Avanti Launches New Rancilio Classe 11 Espresso Machine

by | Sep 22, 2015

On 17 September, we were thrilled to launch the Classe 11 Espresso Machine with Rancilio, our Italian partner.

Attended by clients and key industry suppliers, we hosted the event in our brand new National Head Office in Johannesburg. During, the new space also provided the perfect stage to showcase the latest in cutting-edge coffee technology.

Avanti Launch Event

Our partnership with rancilio

Rancilio’s Sales Area Manager, Claudio Corti commented:

“Above all, both Avanti and Rancilio share values of quality and exceptional service to our customers. We have such a successful long-term partnership because of this. So tonight’s launch of the Classe 11 Machine in Avanti’s fantastic new office space is a celebration of great things ahead for both brands.”

What sets the Rancilio Classe 11 apart

The Rancilio Classe 11 Machine is the latest release from the Milan-based company. Importantly, it is the most sophisticated and innovative espresso machine yet. With an exceptional user interface, the most advanced use of materials, and designed with energy saving protocols, the Classe 11 is a spectacular espresso machine.

Further, together with the South African launch of the Classe 11, we also launched the Xcelcius system with Rancilio. This patented temperature profiling system allows for the temperature of the brew water for the espresso to be set dynamically. Consequently, this results in an increase or decrease of up to 5°C during the 25-30 seconds of espresso brewing.

Additionally, this function also allows the particular aromatic characteristics of each individual blend to be brought out for the perfect cup of coffee. And so that’s how Rancilio has stayed ahead of the curve: innovation.

Avanti’s continued growth

Avanti’s Managing Director, Liesel Pretorius noted, “Avanti’s business continues to grow in a highly competitive market. Therefore, tonight’s launch marks a noteworthy milestone for us.”

Furthermore, “Rancilio has been Avanti’s partner for well over 10 years, and to showcase the Classe 11 and launch the XCelsius coffee system, has been an absolute pleasure. Our event tonight has allowed us to share our new space and technology with key customers and suppliers. So it is definitely a sign that the best is very much yet to come for Avanti. In short, we look forward to sharing more with our customers over the next year.”

Avanti’s business continues to grow in a highly competitive market. So tonight’s launch marks a noteworthy milestone for us.

Liesel Pretorius

Managing Director, Avanti Coffee

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